Product Development

I turn big ideas into best-selling products…driving the creative process and players from pitch, to launch, to out-of-the-ballpark home run.

My greatest hits include award-winning products in the luxury goods, giftware, home decor, designer jewelry, doll and toy markets.  I work with talented artists and teams around the world to spin concepts and designs into pure profit.

My secret: I’ve worked in every facet of product development – from back-room brainstorming, to board room presentations and beyond.  So I know just how to navigate all the real-world obstacles that stand between big ideas and big achievements.

Plus, I give innovation the single-minded focus it both deserves and demands…a luxury most companies can’t afford these days, given the breakneck pace of business.

Click below to see samples of my work.   Then contact me to find out just what sort of innovation is in store for you.